Best Manual Coffee Maker On The Go

If you are a coffee lover, I am sure you have an electric coffeemaker at home or dream to have one. After all, who would not want the convenience of having a fresh hot coffee just by the press of a button. Like so many, I was dead wrong. All it took was a rainy morning without any electricity. We may live in the 21st century surrounded by electronic devices, but when there is no electricity, you’re screwed.

Since then I have been searching for a better solution to be sure to have my much-needed coffee everything morning no matter what.

I can’t hide that I was happy when I got the chance to receive and review the Staresso handheld manual coffeemaker.

Staresso Manual Coffeemaker

Upon unboxing this coffeemaker, the first thing I can say that the quality seems good. Although the pump is plastic, everything else is metal or sturdy plastic. The whole thing is composed of several parts that are easy to assemble. The basket seems to be a hybrid of a real basket and a pressurized basket. It can hold about 10g of tamped grinds. The grind side has micro holes, and below that, a chamber which has a single exit port to expel the espresso.

A nice feature of this coffeemaker is that it doesn’t necessarily require hot water to brew a cup of coffee. You can either put cold water and have a quick cup of cold coffee on the go, or put hot water (if available) to get a nice fresh and hot espresso. The reservoir can hold about 2oz of water.

This is a handheld coffeemaker so you will have to do a few pumping to get your coffee. I recommend a rhythmic pumping at a rate of about one pump per 1 to 1-1/2 seconds to get a decent flow. The coffee produced is actually pretty good but the coffee itself didn’t have the viscosity that I get from my electric coffee machine.

Cleaning it up was relatively easy, but emptying the basket was definitely not. I had to use a small brush to remove completely all the grind.

Coffee On the Go

Thanks to its size and convenience to use, this is definitely a must-have accessory to ensure being able to drink coffee wherever you go. Personally, I was happy to have it with me when running late to my office. A few pumping and I had my coffee in my car while waiting in a traffic jam. I would definitely bring it during my next camping travel.

If you are a traveler, I would definitely recommend having this espresso maker with you all over the world and try the different coffee beans.


After using this handheld coffeemaker for several days, I am definitely happy to have it with me. It’s portable, lightweight, fast and simple to use. The pump and on the go design is really nice. The open design of the coffee maker makes it easier to clean and everything can be taken apart. However, removing the grind from the basket appears to be a real challenge if you don’t have a brush.

Overall, the Staresso handheld coffee maker is definitely recommended for those who want to drink coffee on the go or doesn’t have an electric coffee machine at home.

Tips: There is an O ring and a black filter in coffee powder basket, if they are missing, then the coffee maker becomes useless. Be careful when washing!

Where to Buy

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